• Del'Shai


    Male, Zabrak. Short, skinny, it is very obvious when you first meet him, that he didn't get where he is with his size...
  • Elmindreda


    Imperial Officer With a Close Connection to the Force and a thirst for Immortality
  • Sith Apprentise Shun'ta

    Sith Apprentise Shun'ta

    Young, lithe, and strong, Shun'ta is in her prime, she exudes danger. She always seems to be ready to kill you, and would enjoy doing it.
  • Sith Lord Baras

    Sith Lord Baras

    His face is covered by a large mask, is it ominous, and missing one eye. He is a large man, both in height and in girth, you can tell he was once a brute of a man, who has seen his prime pass him.